Komið þið sæl og verið velkomin í Hlaðvarp Rafmyntaráðs. This episode was recorded in English, and therefore we are running the intro in that language as well.

I was fortunate to get Chris McClure on the episode and discuss the Covid-19 virus that is currently spreading around the world. Chris McClure, MPH, PhD received his Masters of Public Health from the Yale School of Public Health and PhD in public health from the University of Iceland. McClure worked at the Connecticut’s Department of Public Health on seasonal influenza, H1N1, and pneumonia containment and reporting, as well as the Florida Bureau of Epidemiology.

In this episode, we discuss how infectious this virus is, the trajectory we are on for the next few weeks, and how you can prepare both mentally and physically. Chris also mentions possible improvements to the local response based on research. This episode is excellent in listening to a deep dive that is laser-focused on the current situation in Iceland.

This episode is the first one that is recorded in English and also the first one we recorded over remote audio conferencing. I hope you like this episode.

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